Mad Cow Entertainment
Home of the Famous Bucking Mad Cow

Since 1999 Mad Cow Entertainment has been putting smiles and laughter on the faces of thousands of Australians of all ages.

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Mad Cow Entertainment is
100% Australian owned and operated.

Our rides are manufactured here in Australia using local suppliers….we don't use inferior imported rides.

Mad Cow Entertainment has the most up to date, fun and exciting interactive amusement rides available in Australia and is home to the famous Bucking Mad Cow.
For all booking enquires and quotes, please contact your local Mad Cow Entertainment operators.
For any other queries please contact us.
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This is not just any old bull, she’s the one and only mechanical bucking bull - the famous “Mad Cow”!!

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A state of the art, all dancing mechanical bucking bull that will be the Star Attraction of your next event.

She’s a totally updated and transformed favourite that has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Be assured our “Mad Cow” is NOT a simple multi-rider and NOT a scary American rodeo bull!

We have totalled redesigned and rebuilt the concept.

Being Australian designed and manufactured means that we can provide full $20m Public Liability Insurance.

She is a FULL SIZE cow and comes complete with her kooky, friendly face, head and horns all made from soft foam.... plus she come with an impeccable safety record.

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Our “Mad Cow” can be ridden by anybody from 5 to 65 years old..... the secret is our computerised control system with variable speeds and independent spin and buck movements providing a true bucking sensation.

Plus you don’t have to fall off if you don’t want to... but with a huge 6 metre air-inflated bouncy mattress surrounding you.... falling off is half the fun!!

She is the most realistic mechanical bucking bull machine in Australia.

Her unique computerised and random bucking motion means that she also a testing ride for the most experienced riders.

The large LED scoreboard means you can have competitions for best rider or worst rider…and that equals, lots of laughs and photos.

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Coming compete with an LED electronic scoreboard and computerised speed levels and time scores, she is perfect for any competition or team building exercise.

With over half a million rides under our belt, we can assure you of the best and safest time a “Mad Cow” can provide.

As seen on TV and used by the Guinness Book of World Records
to set the Mechanical Bull Riding Championship world record.

Watch the world record ride…

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The “Mad Cow” is the official machine used by the Guinness Book of World Records to set the Mechanical Bull Ride Record…as seen on TV Channel 7.

Ten reasons that make the Bucking Bull “Mad Cow” ideal for your event.
Contact your local Mad Cow Entertainment operator for bookings.

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Mad Cow Entertainment currently operates in WA and NSW.

For bookings and quotes please contact your local Mad Cow Entertainment operator.

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